The Ultimate “Body Weight Only” System For Building Athletic & Resilient Bodies

The Ultimate “Body Weight Only” System For Building Athletic & Resilient Bodies

The Ultimate “Body Weight Only” System For Building Athletic & Resilient Bodies

I describe how I have sprinkled into my daily movement snacks a very effective way to “turn on” my butt, decompress my spine, activate deep diaphragmatic breathing and much more.

 It all starts with gravity.

Gravity has the ability to adversely affect processes in some or all of the following physiological systems:

Your respiratory system, because a compressed rib cage limits the lungs’ ability to expand and diminishes your breathing capacity…  Your digestive system, because squashes organs don’t function nearly as well as they should and that burdens the body’s ability to gain nourishment from food.. Your circulatory system, because squeezed blood vessels are not as efficient or as effective as they ought to be transporting nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, and blood cells to where they need to be transported in order for your body to perform or fight disease… Your nervous system, because a compressed spinal cord and constricted neural pathways slow the progress of all those neurotransmitters trying to communicate from the periphery to the central nervous system – and back again – and can undermine the brain’s ability to coordinate and influence all the activities of your body…

 Hunching all day at a keyboard, tilting our heads forward over our phones, commuting long hours, and slouching on the couch simply magnify and aggravate these problems, resulting in poor posture that throw our bodies out of balance, causing unnecessary stress and strain that compromises our joints, restricts organ function, and weakens our force output. 

My guests for this episode are Dr. Eric Goodman (founder of Foundation Training) and Jessie Salas. Visit

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