The Practice Of Vaginal Steaming For Health and Healing
March 28, 2023 I know, I know, after reading the title of this article, you might be thinking, “vaginal steaming…what on earth is that?” You might also be wondering why a male biohacker would be even remotely interested in this concept. To be honest, although vaginal steaming (also known as Yoni steaming) is traditionally popular […]
<div>Leverage Dopamine to Overcome Procrastination & Optimize Effort</div>
Listen: YouTube | Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode, I explain how dopamine dynamics — meaning changes and interactions between our baseline and peak levels of dopamine drive our cravings and sense of motivation. I also explain how to leverage dopamine dynamics to overcome procrastination. I cover behavioral, cognitive, nutrition-based and supplementation-based tools to […]
Dance and Movement to Heal and Transform Your Life
In today’s episode I interview Jenny Cohen. Jenny is an Outside In Recovery Coach, breast cancer survivor, competitive dancer, yoga instructor, and author.  Today we talk about how dance and movement can be healing for our bodies. I’m excited to talk with Jenny because I also love to dance and have found it to be so […]
<div>Everything You Need To Know About “Paraxanthine” & Much More</div>
March 25, 2023 Are you tired of feeling jittery, anxious, and restless after downing your third cup of coffee? Enter paraxanthine – the “magical little molecule” that promises to take your energy and focus to the next level without any of the negative effects of caffeine. Paraxanthine is like caffeine’s cool, collected cousin who shows […]

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