<div>How To Fix Your Feet, Eyes & Jaw (& Why You Should!)</div>
March 9, 2023 If you’ve never given much thought to stimulating the tiny nerves in the bottom of your feet, training your eyes to move in a variety of directions, and even doing a bit of good old-fashioned jaw therapy, then you probably should – especially if you want better posture and enhanced physical and […]
<div>How to Get & Stay Sober—Even if You Don’t Think You’re an Addict – Luke Storey – #1030</div>
… you’ll learn Luke Storey’s definition of addiction and his strategies for healing, happiness, and high performance. He’s known for his irreverent, passionate, and humorous delivery, and it shows through in this conversation. He overcame tremendous adversity from childhood trauma, adolescent criminality, and years of chronic alcohol and drug addiction. For 25 years, he’s focused […]
<div>How to Manage Cold & Flu Season (Episode 135)</div>
Cold & flu season is here! Let’s discuss how to prevent and recover from upper respiratory infections As many of us know, sometimes it may take days, weeks, or even longer to recover and feel fully back to normal once a cold & flu hits. That’s too long to feel outside of our optimal health. […]
<div>Is Kava Bad For Your Liver, The Best Kava Stacks, & More</div>
December 29, 2022 Cameron George knows more about kava – including the confusing myths and truths surrounding this somewhat controversial plant – than anyone I know. On this podcast, I had a chance to go on a walk with Cameron and talk all things kava, plant medicine and beyond. Cameron has been a previous guest on […]
<div>Legacy vs. Temptation, Art & Liturgy</div>
January 8, 2023 Welcome back to my Precepts series—inspired by meaningful thoughts, insights, and discoveries I have during each week, and intentionally designed to help make your life just a little bit better. Enjoy! You can find the Precepts series in its entirety here. Precept 93: Legacy vs. Temptation Here’s something many people – especially […]

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